Hider 2 2.2 Put from third parties or other unwanted eyes out of sight your sensitive data. Secure, password-protect your data and disguise! new iphone battery Redesigned for and fully suitable for OS X Yosemite! Should younot want to wreak havoc on encrypting and covering documents Hider 2 is among the easiest options. ” “There’s no denying that the ease of Hider makes the method of concealing and encrypting documents pleasantly easy.” “It’s a wonderful tiny software for anyone buying a electronic hideyhole, as well as the security can be a benefit that is pleasant.” Macworld The Mac Observers Publishers’ Award 2014. Instantly defend by hauling them and disguise any file or folder – it truly is that easy! Our user-friendly program that is ensures all your particular files and folders will soon be encrypted, hidden and secured by code. It’s incredibly protected. Each report you hide is AES-256 secured. Retains your computer data password protected and locked up.

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Disguise information for an additional coating of safety on an external travel. Keep prepared. Build your computer data categorized to be kept by custom report organizations. Finder tags are imported to the application to make firm easy. Hide and defend entire folders instead of choosing plenty of documents that are individual. Write confidential knowledge down into an encrypted, in – app Safe Note. Accessible to you (and just you). Your records is likely to be hidden from Highlight or Hunter.

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Products were recently invisible by access directly from your own menu bar. Do a complete app research among your entire hidden files within the app. Instantly secure the app or disguise of your documents. Download Hider 2 now rather than again worry about your private info going public. Common functionality and enhancements that are stability