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Nicholas Rescher offers the 1st complete chronology of philosophical anecdotes, spanning from antiquity to the present period. He introduces us to the most important thinkers, texts, and historic sessions of Western philosophy, recounting some of the tales philosophers have used over the years to have interaction with problems with philosophical predicament: questions of that means, fact, wisdom, worth, motion, and ethics.

Rescher’s anecdotes contact on quite a lot of themes—from good judgment to epistemology, ethics to metaphysics—and provide a lot perception into the breadth and intensity of philosophical inquiry. This ebook illustrates some of the methods philosophers all through heritage have seen the problems of their box, and the way anecdotes can paintings to notify and inspire philosophical inspiration.

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Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1983), 195. 3. See Plato, Theaetetus 152E1; Cratylus, 401D5. 21 6 ANAXIMANDER’S EARTH THE ANCIENT GREEK THEORIST Anaximander of Miletus (ca. 510–ca. 450 BC) was among the founding fathers of the geocentric theory of the universe. But of course if—as he and most ancients came to believe—the earth is at the center of things in space, the question at once arises: What is it that keeps it firmly fixed in place? Already available here was the old Indian theory that the earth was supported by resting on the back of a large cosmic elephant.

RELATED ANECDOTES Huygens’s Planetarians 128 Leibniz’s Mythic Goddess 139 70. Lasswitz’s Library 200 77. Borel’s Monkeys 212 42. 46. FURTHER READING Barnes, Jonathan. Early Greek Philosophy. New York: Penguin, 1987. Dick, Steven J. Plurality of Worlds. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1982. Kirk, G. , J. E. Raven, and M. Schofield. The Pre-Socratic Philosophers. 2nd ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1983. 30 10 SOCRATES’S DISAPPOINTMENT Socrates (450–399 BC), Plato’s primary spokesman, tells the following story: IN PLATO’S DIALOGUE PHAEDO, I learned that a book by Anaxagoras said that mind is really the arranger and cause of all things.

22 a journey through philosophy in 101 anecdotes Anaximander’s solution pivoted on an idea that has a profound hold on the philosophy of ancient Greece and ever since, namely, what came to be known as the principle of sufficient reason. The pivotal idea here is that the universe is a rational place and that whatever is the case about it admits (at least in principle) of a reason for its being so. And rather than opting for some clumsy mechanical resolution, Anaximander put this rational principle to work.

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