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The Carib language, also known as Galibi or precise Carib, is spoken by way of a few 7000 humans dwelling in Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana and Brazil. Henk Courtz's ebook, initially a Leiden college Ph.D. dissertation, incorporates a certain description of Carib grammar and the main large stock of Carib lexemes and affixes to date. the fabric is of curiosity to students within the fields of linguistic typology, comparative Cariban linguistics, Carib dialects, and to a person who's curious to understand extra concerning the Carib language of South-America. Please stopover at the publisher's web site ( for excerpts and errata.

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E. e. its stress pattern is the same in different contexts. e. its stress or absence of stress is an extension of the stress pattern of a word that has independent stress) is called a clitic. A unit of a word and the clitics that depend on it, is traditionally called a phonological word. Intonation is the variation of pitch that is not part of a stress pattern in a language. Intonation may, for example, emphasize a word or a combination of words, or mark an utterance as a question. 2 Phonemes The Carib language distinguishes the following phonemes: free phonemes (or vowels): /i/ /e/ /i/ /a/ /u/ /o/ bound phonemes (or consonants): /p/ /t/ /s/ /n/ /r/ /j/ /k/ /m/ /w/ In this list, the symbols that indicate the phonemes are equal or close to the IPA symbols that indicate their basic pronunciation.

Wèi ‘I have been’, but eìpa rather than èìpa ‘not being’). e. [Ɂ]) suggests using the same symbol. For example, apart from some difference in vowel length due to the presence or absence of a syllable coda, the only difference in pronunciation between àa ‘yes’ and àna ‘we’ is [n]. Of course, a grave accent representing a coda plosive always precedes a consonant (as in àna), and a grave accent representing a hiatus always precedes a vowel (as in àa). aN/ ‘yes’ In quick pronunciation, the [Ɂ] appears to be absent or replaced by [j].

A Carib grammar: Sounds | 41 | vojkajooto [βohkaho:to] woxkaxpoto [wohkahpoto] wokapoto [wohkahpoɁto] wòkàpoto /i-ase-ka-Qpo-to/ ‘when ... 4 Word initial /i/ Except preceding /r/, an unstressed word initial /i/ is not pronounced as a word initial vowel, although its perseverance part is (cf. iromy ‘dry season’ and itamuru ‘his grandfather’). e. preceding a coda phoneme (/i/, /Q/ or /N/. When a stressed word initial /i/ occurs in a word having more than two syllables and is written without a following coda, uncertainty may arise as to its stress.

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