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By Li J., Su Y., Zhu L.

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Z) = ( * T y ) T z = u ( n z ) = Yx(y 1/ (z)) = 2 T ( x T y ) = ( z T * ) T y = Sv(Sx(z)) In other words, the mapping X *-> yx is a homomorphism from the magma E to the set EE of mappings of E into itself with the law (f, g) h>/o g; the mapping x *->■ 8X is a homomorphism of E into the set EE with the opposite law. If E is a monoid, these homomorphisms are unital. Definition 5. An element a of a magma E is called left (resp. right) cancellable (or regular) i f l e f i t (resp. r i g h t ) translation by a is injective.

In particular, if x and x' are inverses, T? x and "F x are inverses for every integer n ^ 0 . Corollary 2. In a monoid the set of invertible elements is stable. Proposition 5. If in a monoid x and x' are inverses and x commutes w i t h y , so does x'. From =y T x, we deduce x' T (x Ty) T x' = x’ T ( yT x) T x’ and hence (x’ T x) T ( y T x’) = (x’ T y ) T (x T x ’ ) , that is tT *’ = x’ T y . 1. Let E be a monoid, X a subset ofH and X’ the centralizer qf'X.. The inverse of every invertible element ofX‘ belongs to X’.

The intersection of every family of normal stable subgroups of G is a normal stable subgroup. Hence, for every subset X of G, there exists a smallest normal stable subgroup containing X, called the normal stable subgroup generated by X. In a group with operators G, the stable subgroups G and jej are normal. 7. A group with operators G is called simple if G ^ jej and there exists no normal stable subgroup of G other than G a f i d jej. Definition 5. DECOMPOSITION OF A HOMOMORPHISM Proposition 6.

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2-Cocycles of original deformative Schrodinger-Virasoro algebras by Li J., Su Y., Zhu L.

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